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2nd March 1775 - 18th December 1807

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Image 23 of 18421st November 1799

Procure Certificates for yours, Mr. Kidder but not to
enter into Contract. Shall be glad will dispatch

I perfectly approve of felling Timber that went imper [..]
any Thing on this Stead will be attended to, & much oblyed for
your Care of the Great Rent.
I am Ser. Your mo. obed Sert
E. J

Francis Webb< no role > Esqr . Close Salisbury
St. Thomas's Hospital 21. Novr. 1799

Not having heard from you a terrg Time It may be
proper just to say that we have not severally determined about
the Land tax, particular Application having been made to the
Commissioners respecting the Hospitals, five one P [..] sed their
Opinion very soon; We have been collecting Certificates from
most of our Estates we that entering into Cont [..] shall be glad
of that for Pur [..] as soon a Possible.I presence you
have received the Plan sent same Months ago.
I am Ser Your most obed Sert
E. J

To Saml. Salter< no role > Esqr . Rickmansworth
St. Thomas's Hospital 21 Novr. 1799

Not having had the file a sure of seeing or bearing from you
along Time it seems necessary to render the Correspondence
just to inform year of a Resolution passed by the Grand
Committee several Months ago, but which I did not think
necessary to Communicate to you as it estates to the Paymt.
of Rent: It is this That all Rents for Houses be paid half
yearly within two Months after being due & on Estates within
Six months after being due; by this Rule, all Rent due at,
Michmas 1798. very to have been paid before Lady day 99
& if not to be reported to the Grand Committee.

We have been collecting Certficates about the Land tax,
we have one for that part of going in Huts but a small paid
in Bucks as wanting, I think 2.14.I have [..] to Mr.
Treasurer about but shall be obliged if you can ca [..]
I am Ser Your most obed Sert
E. J

To Mr. W. Marshall (the Revd.) Cambridge

St. Thomas's Hospital 21 Nov. 1799

Since my Return I have seen four of your Letters, Septr 24.
Octor 16 & 28 & Nov. 9th. the I last regard only Remittances; as to the
four I am glad you approve the four of the Newsal I have not
seen Mr. Stantese about the Abalment of 5. You say that
Sand le, Flack & Bradford me insured in some Office; the Policies
should be deported as the Hospital, therefore tis proper you shed.
take them. Mr. Willings tells Insurance is for 850, why such
a Value was put on the House I am not conceive, it seems beyond
it [..] & is called a Turn in Building & therefore ha [..] , which

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