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London Life in the Eighteenth Century

What was it like to live in the first million person city in modern Western Europe? Crime, poverty, and illness; apprenticeship, work, politics and money; how people voted, lived and died; all this and more can be found in these documents. For more information see the Historical Background pages.

About this Project

Funded by the ESRC, and implemented by the Humanities Research Institute at the University of Sheffield and the Higher Education Digitisation Service at the University of Hertfordshire, the London Lives project is directed by Tim Hitchcock and Robert Shoemaker. The project manager is Sharon Howard. See about this project.

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Featured Life

George Lovell, alias Gypsy George, c. 1742-1772

Gypsy Thief
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The life of George Lovell fits many of the stereotypes concerning eighteenth-century gypsies, but those stereotypes may have also shaped his treatment by the courts. Read more