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London Lives contains enough documentary material to reconstruct the lives, or significant portions of the lives, of hundreds of thousands of Londoners who lived in the eighteenth century, including both plebeians and the officers who manned the institutions of government and social welfare. There are two types of Lives on this website: Completed Lives, accessed via this page, and Lives in Progress, accessed via the London Lives Wiki.

You can access the lives by clicking either on the keywords you are interested in, or on individual names using the alphabetical index below.


Lives A-Z

Robert Abel, b. 1767
Parmenas Adcock, b. 1774
Percy Allen, fl. 1720-1723
Quilt Arnold, 1687-c.1726
Roderick Awdry, c. 1698-1714
Samuel Badham, 1692-1740
Michael Baker, b. 1682
George Barrington 1755-1804
Mary Bell, b. 1774
Elizabeth Bennett, fl. 1765-1792
John Bevan, fl. 1763-1784
William Blewit d. 1726
Sarah Bowyer, fl.1766-1783
Elizabeth Bridgen, fl. 1750-1773
Mary Broadbent, fl. 1726-1777
Edward Burnworth alias Frazier, d. 1726
James Carse, b. 1758
George Clegg, fl. 1773-1787
James Cluff, c. 1698-1729
George Cock, b. 1720
John Conway, fl. 1775-1786
Isabella Cousins, b. 1765
Peter De Lafontaine, fl. 1746-1762
Charlotte Dionis, b. 1761
Timothy Dionis, 1704-1765
Mary Ellenor, 1684-1708
Sarah Gale, b. 1767
John Gower, c. 1658-1684
Joseph Guyant, c. 1738-72
Shadrach Guy, c. 1693-1715
David Hart d. 1783
Mary Harvey, fl. 1727-1733
Nathaniel Hawes, c. 1701-1721
Repentance Hedges, d. 1730
Richard Hedges, d. 1716
Rachel Herbert, b. c. 1716
Edward Hill fl. 1744-1749
Joyce Hodgkins, c. 1672-1714
Louis Houssart, c. 1684-1724
Mabel Hughes c.1678-1755
Ann Hurlock, 1736-1760
William Jobbins, 1769-1790
Catherine Jones, fl. 1757-1783
Paul Patrick Kearney, fl.1727-1771
Edward Kirk, fl. 1684
Mary Knight, c.1685-1716
Margaret Larney, c. 1724-1758
Garret Lawler, 1725-1751
Christopher Leonard, fl. 1721-1726
George Lovell, alias Gypsy George, c. 1742-1772
Priscilla Mahon alias Trilcourt, c. 1716-1741
Sarah Malcolm, 1710-1733
William Marjoram, fl. 1726
Philip James May, fl. 1762-1788
Mary Nichols, alias Trolly Lolly, c. 1685-1715
John Page fl. 1742-1757
Sarah Parker, fl. 1748-1769
Mary Partridge b. 1764
Sarah Pilch fl. 1793-1818
Christopher Plumley d. 1780
Sophia Pringle, c.1767-1787
John Rann, d. 1774
Alexander Scott, b. 1747
John Simpson, fl. 1748-1754
Ann Somerville, fl. 1790-1796
Francis David Stirn, 1735-1760
Mary Talbot, c. 1766-1791
William Tidd, c. 1729-50
John Trantum or Trantrum, 1701-1721
Richard Trantum or Trantham, 1698-1723
William Udall, 1716-1739
Daniel Vaughan, c. 1692-1716
Jane Vobe, b. 1775
Thomas Vobe, b. 1767
Charlotte Walker, c. 1754-1806
Mary Wills fl. 1775-1784
Elizabeth Yexley, d. 1769


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For a detailed reading list, see the London Lives Bibliography.

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