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2nd March 1775 - 18th December 1807

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Image 22 of 18421st November 1799

Treasurer well be returned, the will then probably give you his
S [..] on the different Matters [..] hear of in your former Letters.
I am &J.B.
NB. J. Headley has wrote along Letter to the Treasurer craving
late to would An as to pray her Rent: I have not taken any Notice of

To the Revd. W. Marshall Cambridge
St. Thomas's Hospital 12 Novr. 1799

We are in Expectation of the Arrival of Mr. Treasurer here
this Evening, but as he will have many Things to attend to on
his Return, & a very not be able to write to you person Time, I
think it regular to acknowledge you Letter to him of the 9th Inst.
covering your Remittance of 60 is 14 days in for Jas. Esdash
& Co. with which your Accot. will be duly credited
I am EtcJ. B.

To Mr. John Trumper< no role > Harefield Middlesex
St. Thomas's Hospital 21 Nov. 1799

On my Return to Town I was much surprised at not
having from Mr. Edwd. Stevens< no role > , Musworth about his rent
1' p y and due as Michmas: I mentioned this in a Letter to you
some Time ago, at the same Time during to know on what
footing & by whom the Estate was to be held.The hand tax for
that Part of Mr. Sallier farm which his in Bucks amount
to 2.14.for this the Certificate is not proceed & should be glad
to have it. We expect to determine about the land tax soon; pur-
ticular Application has been made to the Commisses. respecting
the Hospitals & [..] their Opinion therein.
I am Ser Your mo. hble Servt
E. I.

To Mr. Edwd. Stevens Mer [..] near Tring
St. Thomas's Hospital 21 Nov. 99

Having been absent near two Mouths, our much occupied
to find that your Rent has not been settled according to your
Premises. The Grand Committee will shotly meet & cannot
fait taking Notice of it, therefore hope you will attend to it,
& let me know how you have settled will Mr. Trumper.

I am Ser Your no. obed Survt
E. J.

Mr. John Browning< no role > , Hartingleigh near Wye
St. Thomas's Hospital 21st. Nov. 99

On my Return from the Wilt last Week I met your favour
of the 3d: the Game there advesed of came safe. I would not
be over pressing on this Article but if any thing came in your
Way between this & Xmas it will be acceptable, but a day
or two before Xmas day any Thing will be agreeable

We have not taken a final step towards redeeming last lay
but must some determine: We have procured Certificates for
most of our Estates, therefore shall be of lye'd if you can

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