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2nd March 1775 - 18th December 1807

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Image 13 of 18422nd June 1799

The Revd. W. Marshall Cambridge
Sr. Thomas Hospital 13 June 1799

Inced yours of the 8th but not till the 11th, evening a Bill
Value One hundred & one Pounds 10/3 on Accot. of Topelette Quet
rents. Our Books make them 19.12. P Ann, yours only 16.2.3
the Ques rents of Henton Nitherall ev [..] 16.12. P Ann
there used to be collected very regularly by Mr. Serecold. A Mr.
Carter who leves near this place called to pay [..] rent for a
Message at Aveley; the thanks 7 & 8 years are due, can your
make at [..] I am not certain let think I told you the Committee
had agreed to a lease to Goraed of S [..] bridge worth as 82. clear
of every Expence.

In Respect to Head by & Pradford you well [..]
some Information: I hope to get something for Looker. the Estate at
Gosport was only a Home of which [..] had some Account.

The Governors occur in clened to redeem Land tax there directed
Notice & Certificates to be proceed but not to contract without
further Notice. I have [..] a lest of where are under
your Notice. I [..] begted to know the Term near at [..] that
it may take up. Poor Mr. Freeman opend to do it some Months
ago be so uppon he made [..] progress.

I am Sir
Yours [..] . hble Servt.

We lever Allowance mery be made to taken the
two In pursuance well be included

Mr. Chambers Tibshilt, Mansfield, Notts

Sr. Thomas Hospital 22 June 1799

When Jescote last, 18 June 1799 acknowledging the Buseck rents
Ided not then observe that by acu [..] r last year for rent to
Mechr. 1797 Saml Barlow< no role > was in Arrear 19.18.-which does
not seen to be brought forwards. I hope whar I said about
Melward is quate out [..] , you need not appear to act as the
you was fully empowered unless you are th [..] satisfied.
I think I mentioned the half years Accts. for Tebshelf to N [..] ks
1798 was not reced, my particular Rea [..] fer writing [..] is
to meateen the One an of Mr. Parlow, as the somer it as noticed
the better.

I am Sir Your Mo. obed. Surr.

Revd. Wm. Marshall< no role > Cambridge


Yesterday I laid before the Comittee your Application to
succeed Mr. Freeman in the Care of Managing &receiving the Rents
usually reced by him on the Accot. of the Hospital, & that you would
gave Security 500 for the faithful discharge & duly accounting
for all the Monies that you at all receive, for which your are to charge
5 Plent: this I through rather better than a fined him as at may in
Terne amount to moner, if you [..] herewith it well be proper
for Mr. Cromwell to prepare the Bond, & you well please to inform
who are the Se [..] . You well please to or [..] the Remainder of

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