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2nd March 1775 - 18th December 1807

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Image 8 of 1842nd February 1780

Mr. Stones

According to my promise I now send
you the terms our Surveyor has fixed for the Farm I
have wrote to Him since I sam you & he cannot atten: his
opinion of course I cannot proper orcannot atten
accept of any other. the terms are 250. clear rent the
Tenant to layout 80. in repairing the premises a
lease to be sense. 14 or 21 Years optimal at to both parties.
to determine at the end of 7 or Grs: giving at least
a Grs: notice, you may take a much to give an answer
before it will he made public.

I am Sir
Yours Etc E J

St. Thomas Hospital
12th: Feby. 1791.

St. Thomas Hospil: 28th Decr: 1791.


I duly recr your favour of 26th: inclosing a Bill
on Dimsdale & Gr. not Messrs Smith as expressed in the
Accot. value forty nine Pounds one shilling & seven pence
49..1..7 being the Balance of one years [..] due to
St. Thomass Hospital for Simsey Estate.

In regard to assuring the present Tenant as
further Term in case of La [..] A Death it cannot be
done, & it wth: not be done, was it certainly to come into
hand at the end of 5 or 6 years, it being a rule not to
treat for a renewal till the last Year or near by so:
unless particular reasons shd: occur, whoever may
be tenant when it comes into our hands may be
assured of being treated liberally as a body has

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