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2nd March 1775 - 18th December 1807

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Image 12 of 18410th June 1799

Francis Webb< no role > Esqr . Close Salisbury
Mr Webb St Thomas Hospital, 1 June 1799


Your Letter of 11th May I have late before the Grand
Committee who approve of having your Value atem of the News up
Estate. I have heard no more of what is going forward with
Lady Aylesford's Steward, in my favour Letter Teapressed a doubt
of the property of agreeing to a Lease with the present Turant on
Account of it berry too large a Concern to be managed by a
Woman & is has been tented that some of her friends rether
advise her to deep it.

I am Sir Your mo obed Servt
E. J.

If the Plan be necessary at
can be our to you the terr [..] bulky.

1799 June 11 Wrote to Mr. Betron of Wapping
,,Reynolds of Dad Lane
,,Woodfall of Pak [..] ter Row
,,E. Ogle of Clapton
to same of & pay then Rents

Mr. Benjamen Chambers< no role > Tibshelf , Mansfield Notts
Sir St. Thomas, Hospital 13 June 1799

Inceed your of the 9th. cer [..] foen Nills Value One hundred
ninety five Pounds fifteen Shillings (194.15.0) on Accor. of Buweek
Rents, the Account of which you will send soon. I [..] re [..] ccollur
having the Account of To be helf to Mechmas 1798, toward which
you out 406 in Jany last. The Governor I think well think
of re [..] the Land tax: I am desesed to percure the Cute [..]
has act to proceed to contract without put informing in I thank
you made To be helf 49.1.3 Buweek 18.15.8.

I cleaved Mr. Cromwell your Letter; he says that there is
no they to be done but to proceed which well probably [..]
him to.

I am to Your [..] obed Sur. E. J

Mr. Joseph Joyner< no role > Avely Essex

St. Thomas, Hospital 10 June 1799

The Governor occur inclened to rede [..] Land tax there
desired Cute [..] to be present: Well you be so good to do it, but
not finally to contract without hearing again.

The late At [..] of Wingfield has made sin Committee
very pu [..] to get in Rents, there resolves that no Ruts an to
remain larger than something lets thank at [..] year to be lest
that is Ruts due at Aenas to be pued an or before the Middle of
Sume, Her ven Houses in London much Soever.

I am Sir Your most obed Servt. E.J.

June 12. Wrote to Mr. Webb, about Pewsey Land tas, of
to Mr. Trumperabout Morten

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