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2nd March 1775 - 18th December 1807

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Image 7 of 1842nd February 1780

Mr. Chambers

I recr yours of 31st: past with two Bills Value
497..16..4 Being the balance of an Account of Tibshelf
Rents o to Michs last

The Colliery Lease expires Michs 1792. which
shall he sent to you or sufficient contracts. I have look'd
into it, respecting the Matter you mention [..] it says they
are to rid & lend the Ground in a Customary Manner
in the likes cases, now if it was not been the custom to do
it in this place, yet if it is custom generallyper [..]
the Words like Cases, seems to established fit: there is
a Covenant to expand 500, wh: I presunce to have been
Dom.In respect to any nonperformance or any Breach
of Covenants in the Lesser of B [..] wick can only say as in
my last that if you & Mr. Way are of opinion that
there is sufficient Ground to claim & presented I can
see no reason to give it up, but I did apprehend from
what pass'd on the Spot that it wr. be difficult to
maintain it; I have seen nothing more of Mr. Thornton
but take it for granted. it will be given up at Midsr:
& must leave it to you entirely to agree with the
present or any other Tenant for occupying from that
time in the best manner you can

I am
Yours Etc E J.

I did not receive your letter
till saturday the 5th: & to late
for that post:

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