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2nd March 1775 - 18th December 1807

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Image 2 of 18414th March 1775

March: 2nd: 1775

The Treasurer thinks it as proper that you
should send an Estimate of the Chasaes of Building your
Honor [..] that whoever gives it shall undertake to finish the
same at the price he sits in the Estimate. to prevent any
further demands. The Gentleman who Survey'd your
Pr [..] lives too far from you to attend the Cutting of the
Timber you mention and therefore you are desired to Fill
what is proper for the purpose and no more than is
necessary the tenant of which youwhichwill he pleas'd
to send. The Treasurer makes no doubt of your acting
with strict regard to the Interest of the Hospital and
therefore puts this Confidence in you.

I am


Your most humble servant
Anthy. Wingfield< no role >
Assist: Rec.

Mr. Cha. Holder< no role >
at Comberton near Cambridge

March 14th. 1775

Sir your Letter of Yesterdayandthe Treasurer
would be glad to have an Estimate of the whole Expence
in Building your Premes from the Several Tradesmen
as he shall send it to the Surveyor for his inspection
I remain


Your most humble Servant
Anthy. Wingfield
Rec [..]

Mr. Cha. Holder< no role >

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