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2nd March 1775 - 18th December 1807

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Image 6 of 1842nd February 1780

Mr. Chambers

I duly recr. yours of 28 Novr. [..] have laid this
Sketch you make of the Brewick Estate, the Division of farms
therein mark'd of your late proposition for repairs and
in [..] ments before the Grand Common who approve the
same & have noted a Sum not exceeding one Thousand
Pounds for Buildings two new Houses reparing the
present Mansion It any other Mattire that may be
necessary Mr. Thornton was provided with an offer from
Mr. G [..] to give 450 a Year for the whole & take all
repairs on himself a Cla [..] rent free from all Taacs but an
seeing your proposals be declined saying anything about
it this may help to show what terms may be made
with the present Occupiers for the time they may
remain after. Midsumr: the Ground now seems [..]
clear for preparing measures as soon as you like we did
not enter into the question, how far the present Lep [..]
was liable to be called up on for not fulfilling the terms
of his Lease or suffering the premes to run to rain
Mr. Rary [..] you seem'd to make it may difficult the [..]
I did not bring it forward but if you think there is
ground to make any advantage of it, there is still time
indeed it Mr. [..] but reasonable they shr. allow some Money
towards repairs you can better till there I but on by
must the present Occupier remain till Laday 1787 at
the present rents.

I am
Yours re Re J

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