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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 62 of 20723rd March 1750

March 23d. 1750

Mr. Taylor
You promised when you was here [..] in Janry. last to
send up immediately the 10 which you said Mr. Gregory had of your's
And another 10..-.. in as Month's time on the Performance of which
the Gentlemen agreed to give you time till May next for the paymt. of
the remainder but as you have faild making good yr. Promise (it
being two Months since) the Gentlemen well think themselves at
Liberty to pursue their former Resolution I was willing to give
you this Notice that yo. may see how much I am

Yr. Friend
J. Wright

28th. 1751

Mrs. Hayes
Mr. Treasurer has consider'd the Contents of Mr.
Godfrey's Letter concerning some Allowance to be made you for
the Dung or Compost to be left on the Farme when you quit the
same And has order'd me to let you know That if you will get
a Valuation made of it by some proper Persons Mr Treasurer
will make you such Allowance as He thinks reasonable

To Mrs. Ann Hayes< no role > at Comberton near Cambridge

J. Wright

April 6. 1751

Mr. Chatbourn
Mr. Treasurer received yours of the 29th. of last Month
giving an Account of what Timber you had markd for Repairs for Mr Sankey
and Mr Swaine which Mr. Treasurer approves of And desires you will
take care that no more Timber be fall'd than what you have mark'd nor
more than is necessary

J. Wright

To Mr John Chatbourn< no role > at Hastingleigh Kent

May 16th. 1751

Mr. Smith
The Comee take it very ill that you have not Complied
with their Indulgence of Paying only one years Rent by Laday last
Mr. Treasurer hopes it will be in your Power to Comply with
it forthwith without any inconvenience to your self & prevent
any further Trouble

To Mr. Robert Smith< no role > at Great Parndon near Epping Essex

J: Wright

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