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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 42 of 20728th November 1749

Novr. 28th. 1749

Mr. Gregory
It is now near 3 Weeks beyond the time on which you promis'd
me to pay as Year's Rent without fail I am to let you know that the
Govrs. are greatly offended at Yr. not keeping yr. word And likewise that
they are come to a Determination of letting the two Farmes together,
therefore if you are not willing to take Taylor's You must leave that
you are in I expect Yr. Answer soon and hope to hear you have
paid Yr. Rents

I am Etc J. W:

To Mr. Richd. Gregory< no role > at Eltsley near [..] Caxton Cambr .


In pursuance of an Order of the Grand Commee of Govrs.
of St. Thos. Hospl . I hereby give you Notice that you cause the
Premes at Hackney which you hold of the Hospl. as Extor of Cathne.
< no role > deced to be put into proper Repair according to the Covents.
in the Leafe for that Purpose which Leafe will expire at Laday
nextI hope this second Application to you on third
Occasion will have better Effect then a former one has had
And that as Nothing unreasonable is ask'd, You will not put the
Hospl. to the Necessity of useing compulsive Methods to
procure themselves common Justice

I am Sr.
Your humb. Servt.
Morgan Morse< no role >

To Mr. Saml. Slater< no role >
near the Monument

Decr. 2d.

Mr. Goldsmith
I Acquainted Mr. Treasurer with Yr. Proposal of
felling 40 or 50 Oak Trees in Crookthorn Wood in the Mannoy
of Crofton with which Mr. Treasurer agrees And desires
you will dispose of them to the best Advantage for the

I am Etc J: W:

To Mr. John Goldsmith< no role > at Orpington Kent .

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