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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 72 of 20726th November 1751

Novr. 26. 1751

Yr. Account of Timber markd by Mr Blake has
been laid before Mr. Treasurer who has ordered me to write for
Answer That, considering the Quantity, being near 300 Feet and that
the Trees will be no better for standing longer, it appears as if they
were markd rather for Sale then for such Repairs as are mention'd
in Mr Rudd's Letter; which you will please to remember, I read to
you when last in Town And contains Yr. Request for Leave to
fill two or three Pollards to make some Gate Posts and two
or three Sticks of Timber to repair the Plough & Carts
Mr Treasurer therefore desires you will confine yr. Directions
for marking Timber at this time to those Particulars only
mentiond in that Letter and send an Accts. of such Trees as are
now necessary for that Purpose, that Orders may be given

I am Madm. Etc J: Wright

To Mrs. Crosier at Pinner Middsex


I recd. yrs. of the 28th. inst. in which you are pleased to observe
that yo. have had no new Cart Wheels since Mr Aldwin had the Farme
and have made Shift with yr. old wheels till they are quite worn out
But Mr Treasurer hopes you will recollect that he allow'd you in
May last six Pounds in full Satisfaction for rough Timber for
Ploughs & Carts for the three Years then last past agreeable to
yrs & Mr Rudds Proposal, and yrs. own Reced. for that Purpose
And Mr. Treasurer has orderd me to add that he agrees to yr. Pposal
of the Hosptl. allowing half the Expence of the Carpenter's and
Wheelwright Work the finding Timber, but that the Hosptl,
is to be allow'd the 6..- in that Expence

J Wright

To Mrs. Crosier at supre

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