St Thomas's Hospital:
Out Letter Books - Copies of Sent Correspondence

15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 57 of 2078th November 1750

Our Comee are of Opinion that John Taylor< no role >
(late Tenant of one of the Farms at Ellisley which belongs
to this Hospital & your House) ought to be Sued for
the Large Arrears of Rent due from himI have
wrote him a Threatning Letter but without any Effect
We desire the Concurrence of your Committee herein and
upon having it, I shall sue out a Writ against him
without Loss of Time

St. Thomas's Hospital
2d Janry 1750

To Mr. Keynton Steward
of the London Workhouse

I am
Sr. Yr. humble Servt.
Morgan Morse< no role >

Mr. Wm. Finch< no role >
In pursuance of an Order of the
Grand Comee of Governors of St. Thomas's Hospital
I hereby Demand of you the Sum of thirty shillings
for three Quarters of a year's Rent due at Christmas
last for a Granery & Stable Erected on the Hospital
Land in Jerusalem Square at Hackney by you or
your Agents several years since & for a peice of Garden
Ground there which rent became due from Lady day
last on the Expiration of the Lease of certain Premisses
at Hackney made by the sd. Govrs. to Mr John Foremans< no role >
dece'd To whose Representative you paid an Acknow
ledgement in respect of the kent now Demanded of
you And I give you this further notice That in De
fault of Payment you will be Sued for the same
dated 5th. Janry. 1750

To Wm. Finch< no role > Esqr
at Hackney

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