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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 67 of 20713th August 1751

St. Thomas's Hospl . 13th. Augst. 1751

As you was so kind about two years ago to favour
me with your Company to Ellisley and expressed a Readiness to
serve this Charity I am encouraged to apply to you for your
Assistance in recovering the Arrears of Rents due from our
Tenants there since our Gentlemen are now convinced that
Mr. Barringer is unable to do itThe Tenants are
Richard Gregory< no role > , who holds the Farme at 54 a year
And John Taylor< no role > a Blacksmith who holds a Cottage &
some Land at 5..- a year from Laday 1750 but before
that time Taylor held part of the Farme at 33..- a year
and Gregory the other part at 26..- a year The Arrear
now Standing out unpaid at Chrmas last is 187..1..- about
which I have wrote frequently 4 Mr Barringer and the Tents.
to know how much of that sum is due from eachof thembut can
get no Satisfactory answer, nor the Arrears lessen'dif you
could undertake this Affair without Inconveniency to your
Self The Governors will readily make you some Acknowledget.
for your Troubleyou will please to Favour me with
or Answer

I am Etc
John Wright< no role >

Mr. Isaac Coxall
< no role > at Royston Hertfardshire

Sepr. 12th

I reced yr. Favour of the 14th. of Augst. last And as the time
is near at hard when son thought you should be at Leisure, am to
acquaint you That the Gentlemen will think themselves obliged
if you will take the first Opportunity of calling at Eltisley in order
to settle the Acct. and receive the Rent due from Richard Gregory< no role > &
John Taylor< no role > at Laday 1750 At which time Taylor quitted that part
of the Farme which he held together with the Cottage at 33
a year And Gregory held the other part of 26.. a year to
that time as I wrote you in my last The Rent due to that
time is 142..16.. which the Gentlemen insist on being paid

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