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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Novr. 8th. 1750

On Mr Treasurer's comming to Town your Letter of the
13th. of Octor. lust was laid before him wherein You relate the Death of
Thos. Stickles< no role > one of thea Freehold Tenants of two Cottages in the Manors of Hastingleigh
of two Cottagesfor which two Heriots are due to this HosplBut as you
represent that he has left as Wife and five small Children in low Circumstance
and only one Cow & Pig of live Stock on the Prems. Mr Treasurer has
order'd me to acquaint you That the Govrs. are willing to shew so much
Regard to the Distrasses of the Family as is consistant with preserving
the Rights of the Hospl. in order to which you are desired to make
the Customars Seisure and then compound with the widow for some
small Consideration on the Heriots being return'd hers

For Mr John Sankey< no role > at Hastingleigh
to be left at the Mermaid in Canterbury


Decemr. 20th.

Mr. John Taylor< no role >
By Order of the Grand Commee ofthe Hospl.Govrs.
of this Hospl. I hereby give you Notice that unless you pay or cause
to be paid one or before the 31st. day of this inst. Decemr. the Arrears of
Rent due from you at Laday 1750 last past for the Farme and
Cottage at Eltisley in the County of Cambridge which you lately
held of this Hospital and the London workhouse you will
be Suad for the same without further Notice

At Eltisley near Caxton Cambr

Yr. hble Sr.
Morgan Morle< no role >
Clk of the sd. Hospl.


Mr Swaine
I recd. yrs. of 14th. inst. containing yrs. Request for Timber
to be mark'd out for Joysts and Planks for the Warnes Floor and
for Laths for Smee & Farmeto who C Mr. Treasurer has order'd me
to send for Answers That Has will give Mr. Chatbourn Directions
about it in convenient time

At Hastingleigh near Wye Kent

Yrs. Etc J:W:

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