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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 58 of 20725th January 1750

Janry 15th. 1750

Mr. Barringer
On the 20th. of Decemr last John Taylor< no role > had Notice
sent him That unless he paid on the 31st. following the Arrears of
Rent due at Ladyday 1750 to this Hospl. & the London workhouse
he would be sued for the same without further NoticeThis is
therefore to acquaint you that since he has paid no Regard to the
above The Gentlemen are resolved to put it in Execution, and
desire You will send an exact Account of the Arrears due from
him at that timeand likewise to let Gregory the other Tenant
know that it is expected he should pay off his Arrears forth with
if he would avoid further TroubleThe 20recd. on the 8th.
inst. has been plaud to their Accot. I desire your Answer with
all convenient Speed and am
Sr. Etc J:W:

To Mr Joseph Barringer< no role >
at Eltisley near Caxton Camb


Mr. Todd our present Tent. for the House at Wapping lately
held by you under as Lease which expired at Michmas last refusing to pay
the Quarter's Rent due at Chrmas last on Accot. of your holding over the
Term of yr. Lease for sometimeThis waits to acquaint you Sr.
that the Govrs. desire you will please to settle this Affair so as that
the Charity may not suffer as Loss; not doubting your ready Complainer
as nothing but what is consistant with Justice & Reason is expected

To Mr. Matthew Dove< no role > at Wapping

I am Sr. Yrs Etc

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