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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 47 of 20720th January 1749

Janry. 20th. 1749

Mr. Hockley
You are to send as soon as conveniently You
can 20 Quarters of Yr. best brown Malt with the
lowest Price, the Butler desires it may be some what
Paler than the last

Yrs. Etc J. W:

To Mr. John Hockley< no role > Master at Sapsworth Hertfords


Mr. Bevan
The time of examining the Accts. of the Hospl.
drawing near Mr. Treasurer desires you will remind Mr. Firmin
of paying the remr. of the Money due for Timber off Pinner Park
Farme in a very short time

I am Sr. Etc J: W:

at London near Colchester

Feb. 3d.

As the Hospital Accounts are to be examined very
soon I thought it might be agreeable to you to be acquainted
that Mr. Mason's Extor has left your Rent in arrear two
Years at Chrmes last I make no doubt of your ordering the
Arrears to be discharged as soon as you receive this to prevent
the Govrs. taking Notice of it, and save Your Self any further

I am Sr. Etc
J. W:

To Mr. Henry Wankford< no role > at Richmersworth near Uxbridge

March 1st.

Mr. Sankey
Mr. Treasurer reced Yrs. of 24th. last with a Bill
inclosed on John Mackrill< no role > for 60..1..4 which Mr. Mackrill
has accepted, not withstanding you had omitted to endorse it
and when Paid I will give You Credit for the [..] Pair Rent
due at Michas last

I am Sr. Yrs Etc J: W:

at Hastingleigh to behalf at
the Mermaid Canterbury

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