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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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4th. Augst. 1749

I am directed by Mr. Treasurer to acquaint you
that his expected you immediately Put the Premisses in
Blackman Street into Repair according to the Terms of the
Lease which you know is near expiring The Tenants
make very great (and as appears Just) Complaints that they
can't live dry in their Houses As nothing is required but
what's reasonable I make not Doubt of Your Speedy

I am Etc
M: M:

To Mr. Wm. Kinleside< no role > Apothecary at the Bridges Foot

Sepr. 7th.

Mr. Barringer
I have Mr. Treasurer's Orders to go to Eltsley
next Week, and intend, God willing, to be with you on Tuesday
next, with which You will acquaint Mr. Taylor & Mr. Gregory
the Tents. that they may be ready to Pay off some of their
Arrears of Rent, and hope you will be provided against
that time with the Recets. of Land tax & Copy Rents which
are wanting as I have often inform'd You to compleat
their Accots.

I am Etc. J: W:

At Eltisley near Caxton Camb.

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