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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 13 of 20713th February 1745

Feby 13th: 1745

Yors: of the 8th: inst: with the Two Bills inclosed came to hand
the 11th: The Bill of 17..- on Mr. Stainbank is accepted, but that
of 65..1..3 on Mr. Wade of Chertsey is not yet, Mr. Hickman Young,
with whom it was payable, saying he had no Money of Mr: Wade's in his
hands; but would write to him & lot me know his Answer, which I
shall take care to communicate to you. The above Bills, when
paid, will, with yor: Salary allow'd, make good the half years Rent
due at Micks last. I congratulate you on yor. Deliverance
from those Villains who so lately threaten'd you & am Etc

To Mr. Thos. Richardson< no role > at Newton near Mansfield

J: W:

Feby 22d: 1745
Reced Letter this day from Mr: Wade of Chartsey where by he
accepts of the above Bill, of which I sent Mr: Richardson Advice
P this Post.
J: W:

Feb: 27th: 1745

It is now more than six Months ago that I wrote to you
about the Great Arrears of Rent due from the Tenants at Ellisley
The Gentleman of this Hospital & of the London Workhouse
are very uneasy, as you have neither remitted any Money nor
acquainted them whether you have Secured the Rent as desired
in my last. Your Answer will oblige
Sr. yors. Etc J: W:

To Mr. Joseph Barringer< no role > at Ellisley near Caxton Cambridgeshire

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