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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 3 of 20715th December 1742

Feb: 1743

Mr Knock
I reced apt. Letter and think Mr Swaine
should have given me Notice that he wanted a new Floor for his Stable,
however as it is done by yor. Directions & so much Timber saved by doing
it in that Manner the 40s shall be allowed him, and if those Beach
Trees have done growing, I would have you witt them down & sell them,
I have likewise considered your trouble in looking after the Woods; & as
you was well recommended, & I have a good Opinions of you, I desire
Mr Swaine will pay you two Guineas, which I hope will satisfy you
& that you will do what in you lies, whenever there is a Falling, to
preserve the Timber am Etc

signd by Mr Treasr:

March 29th: 1744

The repeated Notices you have had of yor: Rent being in Arrear,
& the kind Concern Mr Treasurer has shown for you, producing nothing
more than empty Promisses; I am desirous of laying before you, once more, the
Hazard you run by such a Behaviour. Mr: Treasurer is at length
determined to have yor. Account brot: before the next Committee, which will
he very soon, who, you may assure yor. self, will give Orders to their Secretary
for the immediate Security of the Rent. I would still hope you will have
so much regard to yor. own Interest as to prevent such Methods being
used which may affect yor. Character, & am

To Mr: Henry Wankford< no role >
at Rickmersworth Hertford

Yors Etc
J: W:

March 29th: 1744

Mr: Knock
Mr. Sankey has desired that someTimbermay be
ordered him for Repairs: Mr Treasurer would have you see what is
necessary to be done, &, when you have marked out what is proper, to let
him know what Quantity & for what use you have assigned it.

at Chilham near Canterbury

J: W:

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