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26th June 1780 - 8th December 1781

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Image 312 of 38112th November 1781

London Ss

The Information of Adam Callow< no role > of Dartford in
the County of Kent shop keeper Taken this 21st
November 1781

Saith that about three o clock on Thursday Evening the seventeenth
of August last, as he was coming into Town over London Bridge , he
was accosled by a Person, who he hath since been informed, is named
Smith who entered into Conversation with Informant about a Mr Cook
of Crayford in Kent, a Person will known to Informant, that Smith told
Informant said Mr Cook was to send him some Psalm Books with
the new Version, and requested Informant would call upon him when
he went home to remind him thereof, which he promised to do, and
desired the said Person to inform him his Name, which he as first
declared doing, but afterwards say'd, that if informant would go with
him into the Swan Public House on Fish Street Hall he would give
Informant a Note to call on said Mr Cook, that Informant therefrom
went in with Smith and was introduced by him into a Room where
he sat down and was asked by Smith what he would drink, that
Informant answered a Gile of Wine, which was called for and half a
Pint of Wine was brought in by the Waiter whom Smith desired to
bring him Penn Ink and Paper which was also brought and
immediately afterwards came into the Room one West and the Prisoner
John Symmonds< no role > who askt if Informant and Smith were engaged on
business, that Informant replied they were not; whereupon west and
Symonds sat down and Orderd some Liquor, that West then clapt Symmonds
on the Shoulder and sayd that he should not have known him on account
of his being dressed in Morning where he saw him before which
west sayd was about six Weeks ago, that west then addressed himself
to Smith and Informant and told them that Symmonds had an Uncle
who died abwad and had left him a considerable Fortune and that he
was in Possession of Five hundred Pounds past thereof which he was
spending as past as he could and that he had been the Night before as
the Swan and two Necks in Lad Lane where he had drank very
plentiful of Wine and Brandy, That west then turned to symmonds
and askt him how his Head was and how foolishly he had last his Money

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