St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 38 of 6172nd October 1714

Mr: Fletcher Fined 12

This Vestry was Summoned by Mr: Holloway Upper Church Warden
at the request of Mr: Fletcher< no role > who was Chosen last Vestry for Scavinger
Constable and Inquestmen And he being desirous to Fyne who was admitted
promising to pay the Usuall Fine of twelve pounds

Mr: Mitchell fined 12

Then Mr: Tho: Mitchell< no role > put up for all Ward offices and Chosen but admitted to fine paying the
Usuall fine of twelve pounds

Then Mr: Saunders Mr:Harris and Mr: Peters were severally put up
for Scavingers Constables and Inquestmen and the Majority of Votes fell on
Mr: Saunders and the Mr: Peters

Mr: Peters fined 12

Then Mr: Saunders and Mr: Peters were put up for Scavingers Constables
and Inquestmen and the Choice fell on Mr: Peters whereupon he desir'd to
Fine and was admitted paying the Usuall Fine of twelve pounds

Mr: Saunders Chose
Scavingers Constables &

Then was put up again Mr: Saunders and Mr: Harris for Scavingers
Constables and Inquestmen who being severally put to the Vote the
said Mr: Saunders was Chosen accordingly

Decr: 21st: 1714 Exr

At a Meeting held on St: Thomas day< no role > being 21st: Decr: 1714


Mr: Wm: Holloway< no role > Senr :
Mr: Hallam} Church Wardens

Mr: Parnell
Mr: Webster
Mr: Barker
Mr: Ingram
Mr: Hankey
Mr: Eames

Mr: Dawson
Mr: Bayly
Mr: White
Mr: Goodlad
Mr: Mariner

Alderman Abdy's Gift

5: part thereof paid to
Mrs: Fox:

This Meeting was Summoned by Mr: Wm: Holloway< no role > Senr .
upper Church warden for the distribucon of the Sume of Seven pounds and
ten Shillings being the Gift of Alderman Abdy deceased at to which fine
Mr: Fox who Peticoned last yeare did now Peticon for five pounds part
thereof as also Mr: Thomas Hinxmans< no role > This name instance is in set 1706. Peticon also Anne Hinxmans< no role >
Letter (wife of the sd: Thomas Hinxman< no role > ) was read And upon reading of
the said Peticons and the Letter And putting the said Mr: Fox and Mr:
Hinxmans names upon a peace of paper and upon the severall Seeing
the Majority fell on Mr: Fox And it was Order'd that the said five
pounds part of the said Alderman Abdy's Gift should be paid to Mr:
Fox accordingly And that Mr: Hinxmans Circumstances should be
Inquired into against the next yeare The Remr: being 50s: was
distributed as on the otherside

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