St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 18 of 61714th May 1713

At a meeting held on Assencon
day being the 14th day of May Anno Dm 1713


Mr. John Barker< no role >
Mr. Wm. Holloway< no role > senr } Church Wardens

Mr. Pernell
Mr. Hankey
Mr. Ingram< no role >
Mr. Eames
Mr. Marrener

Mr Dawson< no role >
Mr White
Mr. Quartermaine
Mr. Hayward< no role >

St. Robt: Clarke< no role > Mr Whareham< no role >
& Mrs: Deans Gifts

This meeting was sumoned by Mr Barker
the Upper Church Warden in
Order for the Distribucon of the severall Charitable
Guifts given by the severall Worthy and well disposed
persons Following (that is to say) by Sr. Robert Clark< no role > the sume
of Forty Shillings, by Mr. Wareham seaven shillings & six Pence
by Mrs. Dean three shillings and four pence which said
severall sumes amount together to Fifty shillings and Tenn
pence which said Fifty shillings & ten pence was this day
distributed in manner Following (Vizt.)

Exr 18t May 1713

To Griggman£0:1s:0d
To Brock£0:1s:0d
To Bettell£0:2s:6d
To Coates£0:2s:6d
To Jackson£0:2s:6d
To Whisken£0:5s:0d
To Fox£0:5s:0d
To Talmon£0:7s:6d
To Tisdell£0:2s:6d
To Tombes£0:4s:0d
To Purton£0:4s:0d
To Williams£0:4s:4d
To Harton£0:5s:0d
To Gibbs£0:4s:0d

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