St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Mr: Newtons proposalls
(Concerning the board of
James Speller< no role > a Lunatick)

And Mr: Holloway the Church Warden Accquainted the Vestry That Mr:
Newton would board and provide for James Speller a Lunatick of this Parish at the
rate of ten Shillings a weeke and two Guineas Entrance but the Vestry thought
it Unreasonable therefore he was rejected

Dr: Cha: Browne< no role > of Newport
Pagnell Pposalls abt. James
Spellers board was accepted
and every Qr. to bring a
Certificate Signed by the
Minister & 2 Ch: Wardens yt:
he is living before ye Ch: Warden
are Obliged to pay him

Then Mr: Holloway at the same time accquainted the Vestry that Mr: Xtopher
Browne in behalfe of his Brother Dr: Charles Browne< no role > of Newport Pagnell< no role >
would undertake to maintaine and keep the said James Speller according to his
proposall which proposall was written by himselfe and being read was agreed.
unto Nemine Contradicente But that Dr: Browne every quarterly paying. which
he shall receive of the said Parish for maintaining and keeping such Lunatick shall
deliver to the Church Warden of this Parish a Certificate Signed by the Minister
and Churchwardens of Newport Pagnell that the said James Speller< no role > is Living
before he receive the same

4 or 5: allow'd Norwood
his wife to free them from
this Pish

And Mr: Holloway accquainted the Vestry that Mr: Norwood and his wife were
willing to free [..] themselves from this Parish Tho they were passed on the
same Provided the sd: Pish would allow the said Norwood and his wife 4 or 5in Order to send them into some Country whereby they might gett a Livelihood
for themselves which was agreed unto and that Mr: Holloway shod: pay the same

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