St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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At a Vestry held the 7th: Aprill 1715


Mr: Wm: Holloway< no role > Churchwarden

Mr. Barker
Mr. Payne
Mr. Branch
Mr. Pitts
Mr. Jenkins
Mr. Rusbatch

Mr. Hayes
Mr. Wilmott< no role >
Mr. Hebert
Mr. Grant
Mr. Dawson< no role >
Mr. Roberts< no role >

Mr. Pitway
Mr. Maurice
Mr. Tirrell< no role >
Mr. Colburne< no role >
Mr. Cotton
Mr. Holloway Junr:

Mr. Viber
Mr. Fletcher< no role >
Mr. John Lee< no role > .
Mr. Dodd< no role >
Mr. Bethell
Mr. Sanderson
Mr. Harris

The Rate for the Burialls
in the Great Vault was left
till next Vestry in the meane
time Mr: Whisken to prepare an
Estimate of the burialls in all
the Vaults

The Minutes of the last Vestry was read
This Vestry was Summon'd by Mr: Willm: Holloway< no role >
Upper Church Warden to prevent prejudicing the Pavement and
Pewing by breaking up the Ground in the Middle and South Isles
which was to be by making a Rate for burying Duties in the
Great Vault Pursueant to the last Vestry But by reason those
present at this Vestry knew not the Perticulars Duty's for all
Burialls in all the Vaults and other places about the Church It
was Order'd that the making of the said rate for the Great Vault
be refere'd till next Vestry and in the meane time Mr. Whisken
to prepare an Estimate of the Perticular Dutys for Burialls in all
the Vaults and other places about the Church.

A List of all the workemen
bills being produced there appear'd
Deficiency of 300 & odd pounds

And for making good the same it
was also now agreed that the
same shod: be borrow'd or the Pish
Security and the Dr: & Ch: Warden
on behalfe of he Pish assigne
over ye Ground rent of ye late house
of St: Robt: Geffery

Afterwards the said Church warden produced a
List of the Totall Sumes of the Workemens Bills for the repaires
of the Church and also Mr: James Bill as Surveyor and likewise
the Totall of what money he has Collected and that there
Appear'd that there was a Deficiency of 300 and odd pounds
And for making good thereof It was resolved on by an Order of
last Vestry that the same should be borrow'd on the Parish's
Security which being put to the Vote it was again Agreed unto
Provided the money be borrow'd do not exceed 300: And for
Security the Dr: and Churchwarden on behalfe of this Parish do
Assigne over the Ground rent of the late house of St: Robt. Geffery< no role >

An Irongate shod: be made in
the roome of the Wooden Gate in
the South Ch: yard according to
the Scheme made by Mr:

Then the said Churchwarden Pduced a Scheme of an
Irongate made by Mr: Quatermaine in Ordr: to be set up in the place of
the Wooden gate in the South Church Yard and that the same would
cost abt: 12: or to pay 4: P pound when done: which being put
to the Vote was Agreed unto and that the same be made according to
the Scheme then produced

a New Gate Order'd to be made
for the North Ch: Yard

Then the said Church Warden complain'd that the Gate in the
North Church Yard was decay'd and very much out of repair and that there
was great Necessity for a new One which being put to the Vote was
Agreed unto and Order'd to be made accordingly

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