St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 48 of 61715th December 1715

This Parish shod: pay 70.
P annm assess'd by the
workhouse and not answr.
in Chancery and for the
payment thereof they shod.
make a Rate

Then Mr: Hankey Acquainted this Vestry that the Workehouse had brot: then
Bill in Chancery (in the Name of the Attorney Genl:) agt: this Parish And that they had
Subpeened severall Persons to Answr: the said Bill so exhibited agt: them Whereupon
It was put to the Vote whether this Parish shod: pay 70 P Annum Assess'd by the said
Workhouse And for which they brot: their Bill or Answr: in Chancery to the said Bill
(for that the Attorney Genll: had given his Opinion agt: this Parish) It was Voted that
the Parish shod: pay the same and that for the payment thereof they shod: make a rate
for that purpose.

Comon Councellmen
Mr. Hankey Mr. Ingram
Mr Holloway & Mr Davis

Then were put up for Comon Councellmen the Psons following Mr: Henry Hankey< no role >
Mr Wm: Ingram< no role > Mr: Wm: Holloway< no role > Senr : & Mr: Richd. Davis< no role > who being
put to the Vote were Order'd to be presented to the Wardmote accordingly

At a Meeting at the Myter Taverne on the sd: 15th: Decr: 1715:


Mr: Hallam: Ch: Warden

Mr: Tirrell< no role > .
Mr: Hankey,
Mr: Ingram,
Mr: Dawson,
Mr: White,

Mr: Mariner,
Mr: Barker,
Mr: Webster,
Mr: Wilson,
Mr: Browne,

Mr: Browne,
Mr. Hartley,
Mr: Fletcher,
Mr: Wilmer,

Mr: Spackman,
Mr: Holloway,
Mr: Pitway,
Mr: Newton,

Mr: Eames,
Mr: Penn,
Mr: Hussey,
Mr: Colberne,
Mr: Lawrence,

Mr. Jordan & Mr. Revell
fined 10: each to be
exempted from all Pish
Officers at Lady day next

At this Meeting It was Voluntary Offer of Mr: Jordan & Mr
Revell to Fyne for all Parish Offices which being put to the Vote It was agreed
to and that each of them shod: pay but 10: to be discharged of the same

At a Meeting held on St:Thomas day< no role > 21: Dec: 1715


Mr: Willis Curate

Mr: Hallam
Mr: Tirrell< no role > } Ch: Wardens

Mr: Hankey,
Mr: Barker,

Mr: Ingram,
Mr: Holloway,
Mr: Marener,

Mr: Webster,
Mr: Eames,
Mr: Pernell,
Mr: Dawson,

Ald: Abdys Gift distribd:

5. paid to Mr: Howland

This Meeting was Summoned by Mr: Richd: Hallam Upper Ch: Warden
for the distribucon of the Sume of Seven pounds & ten shillings being the Guift of
Alderman Abdy deced at which time Mr: John Howland< no role > did Peticon for 5: part thereof
as also Sarah Levinstons< no role > which Peticons were severally read And it being put to the Vote
the said 5: was given to Mr: Howland And Mr: Hinxman who peticon'd last yeare did
likewise Peticon but the send Peticon being delivered to late The same was reject
The Remr: being 50s: As also 50: burying Madm: Archer Linnen & 50: more Scramt.
money was distributed as on the other side.

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