St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

20th February 1678 - 16th July 1735

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Image 131 of 4588th November 1699

aforesaid for the form of one & twenty years from Michamas
1699 at the yearly rent of Five pounds and Tenn Shillings &
for a Fine of Forty five pounds whereof Fifteen pounds to be
paid at Sealing the Lease and that to be before Chras next & the
other thirty pounds in two years after (Vizt) 15: part thereof
at Chras: 1700 & the other: 15: at Chras: 1701 & with such
Covenant to as are contained in the old Lease

about building
between the Church
& Mr. Ballamo Wall

And for as much as it is found very difficult to
provide a convenient place to build Lodgings for the Foul
patients in the back ground of this Hospital. We humbly
propose that it will be very Ornamental & convenient That a
building (like those in the Quadrangle) for the lodging of
clean people be Erected on the Southside of the Void ground
part of the late great wards btween the loft of the parish church
of St: Thomas Eastward and the Yard of Mr: Balaams house
westward by means whereof the Wards called Jacob Abdiel
& Judith lying in the back yard but one, may be made use of
for Foul patients, & will contain as many as now are usually
Kept and the out most back ground may be continued for a
burying place as formerly

Tho: Holdens< no role > grant

Wee also certify that we have agreed with Thomas
< no role > Senr . of Comberton in the County of Cambridge
Gent . to lett him a Lease of the Stite of the Mannor or
Farm of Burdelins in Comberton aforeasid for the terme
of Twenty one years from Michaelmas 1700: at which
time the present Lease doth expire at the old rent of
Twnty pounds per Anum & for a Fine of Two hundred &
Eighty pounds to be paid as follws (Vizt.) our hundred &
Fifty pounds part thereof at the sealing of the Lease and
the other One hundred and Thirty pounds at Michaelmas
seventeen hundred and he to be bound by Covenant to
build a barn of brick for wheat within or before the
comencement of the said now Lease which shall containe
Eighteen foot in Length & Tenn foot wide or over, & the roof
thereof Tyled and new Floore the Chamber over the Kitchen
of the dwelling house & new board the end of the great born
now unboarded and with such other Covenants (mutatis
mutandis) as are contained in the Old Lease now in being
as aforesaid

about the abstract of
house orders

Wee further certify that pursuant to an Order of this
court we have examined and gone through the abstract
of the Orderd touching the Officers and poor of this house
which with several alternatons are as followith (Vizt)

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