Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

12th January 1784 - 10th September 1789

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Image 28 of 54219th April 1784

April 1784

Middlesex .

At the General Quarter Session of the Peace of
our Lord the King holden for the County of Middlesex
at the Guildhall in King Street Westminster in the
said County on Monday in the Week next after the
Close of Easter to wit the Nineteenth day of April
in the Twenty fourth Year of the Reign of our
Sovereign Lord George the Third King of Great
Britain Etc Before George Allcock< no role > Esquire Sir
Sampson Wright< no role > Knight , Herbert Mayo< no role > Doctor in
Divinity, Thomas Ayliffe< no role > , Thomas Gilbert< no role > , Nicholas
< no role > , William Wright< no role > , Henry Lambe< no role > , Jacob
Leroux, William Bleamire< no role > , Edward Gray< no role > , Thomas
< no role > Esquires

This Court being informed that the Election of Knights of
the Shire for this County is appointed to be holden on Thursday the
22d. day of this present Month of April which said 22d. day of April
is the day on which by the practice of this Court several matters
relative to the Police of this County would be agitated by his Majestys
Justices of the peace for this County in Session assembled and to
which day several Parochial Appeals and other Matters stand
adjourned for hearing and it being represented that many of His
Majestys Justices of the Peace for this County as well as many other
persons who may have business at this Court on the said Thursday
will be obliged to attend at the said Election It is Ordered that
the hearing and determining all such Appeals as stand adjourned
from the last Session of the Peace holden in and for this County as
also all such Appeals as may be preferred for determination at the
present Session be heard on Friday next the 23d. day of April at
the hour of Ten in the forenoon instead of Thursday next, and also
that the Election of a Surveyor under an Act of Parliament made
and passed in the fourteenth Year of his present Majestys Reign
entitled "An Act for the further and better regulation of Buildings
and Party Walls and for the more effectually preventing
Mischiefs by fire within the Cities of London and Westminster

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