Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

12th January 1784 - 10th September 1789

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Image 23 of 54223rd February 1784

February 1784

for Building a
House of Correction }

That the Males in all instances be separated from the [..]

That a part of the Goal separated from the rest be for Felon [..]
and other attrocious Offenders Convicted

That such as shall be Convicted of lesser Offences in or [..]
of Sessions be kept separate from convicted Felons or other attrocious

That all those who are charged with Felony and are Comm [..]
for Trial be kept separate from other Offenders

That all Prisoners not included in the above Classes be
considered as the fourth Class

That each Prisoner of the three first Classes be in the nec [..]
lodged separately and kept in the day as distinctly as the nature of
their several Employments will admit.

That there be Accomodation for confining a Portion of the
last Class in Solitary Confinement

Mr Harwood Governour of the House of Correction
at Clerkenwell having pursuant to desire to that End produce
an Account of the greatest number of Prisoners which had been
in the said Prison at any one time within Ten Years last past,
distinguishing their several Offences The Committee Resolved
that there be Accommodation for Thirty five Men and Forty five
Women of the first Class-Seventy Men and Seventy Women of
the Second Class-Twenty Five Men and Twenty Five Women of
the third Class-And one hundred and Fifty Men and Eighty
Women of the last Class.

That three of the Rooms in each Division be co [..]
for Punishment by more close Confinement

That a Place appropriated solely for Religious
Worship be a part of the Plan

That there be separate Infirmaries one for the [..]
and one for the Females and that they be for Twelve Men and
Twelve Woman separated into not less than four Apartments

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