Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

12th January 1784 - 10th September 1789

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Image 8 of 54212th January 1784

January 1784

he was very ill When he was, taken out I saw him in the Evening when
he was very ill the Doctor attended him and gave him some Red Port
the Evening before he died Does not know how long the Doctor attended
him It is My Duty to know who are in the Cells. I do not see the
Apprentices always It is Markwicks business to attend them As soon as
I knew he was ill I ordered him to be taken into the Sick Ward Mr.
Harwood was not informed of the Boys state till he was moved into the
Sick Ward I dont see Mr Harwood about the Wards every day about Once
a Week. After the Boy died the Coroners Inquest set on him Mr Harwood
sent for the Coroner. One Edward Robson Harris< no role > gave evidence to the
Inquest. I did not give Evidence. I was present at the Inquest that day
there were three persons on which the Inquest sat the Boy was one. I
called Harris as a Witness he attended the Sick Ward Harris saw the
Boy only when he was sent to the Sick Ward The Conversation passed
between me and Harris before he gave evidence only I told him that
he was to give evidence respecting this Boy and a Man I had seen the
Boy about three days before he went into the Sick Ward he said his feet
were very sore he was lying down he was not able to walk when he
went to the Sick Ward. I saw him after before that but he never

John Markwick< no role > one of the Servants of the Governour of the
House of Correction was ordered to attend and being present upon his
Examination said I am Task master in the Prison my Employment
is to see the Oakum picked I take care of the Apprentices Colls. I remember
the Boy who died in the Prison he was in a good state of health when he
came in. I used to attend him daily he was there about fourteen or
Fifteen days he complained of his feet being sore When he made a Complaint
I told Mr Gibbes of it I believe it was about two days before he died the
Night he complained to me I locked him up among other Boys he
had not complained of his feet till about two or three days before he died
he was taken up to the Sick Ward by Mr. Gibbes direction When he went
into the Sick Ward he was very bad indeed The Boy died in the

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