Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

12th January 1784 - 10th September 1789

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Image 13 of 54212th January 1784

January 1784

That it appears upon examining into and considering the several
Bills and Charges and the Payments made by the said Commissioners
that several Sums are included and have been paid which they conceive
are not payable and ought not to have been paid out of the Moneys given
by the said Act for the purpose of building the New Session house
particularly the Sums following Vizt.

For the time the Bricklayers lost during the Riots£1..11s..10d

A Stone Door case & repairing and fitting in Iron
Door in Record Room}£7..6s..2d

Oval Windows at head of Stairs to Court£3..1s..1d
A Man attending the Buildings to light the fires£16..13s..0d

Temporary fitting up the Court for the Magistrates
Approbation and making Boxes to hold Coals}£25.. -..-

Temporary Door and Stairs to Clerks Office£5..12s..0d
Iron Spike Guards to Windows of Record Room£13..13s..8d
Glaziers Bill for making good broken Windows Etc£7..0s..0d

Bricklayers Day Bill, Setting Stoves, Range Binns
Etc as specified}£57..-..-

Carpenters measured do. for Shelves in Kitchen Dresser
in Larder. Oak framing to Cestern and Sink in Scullery
Folding Doors & Door case to Housekeepers Passage
Temporary Petition to enclose Court Inner door and
Door Case to Vaults dividing do. & fitting up with
Shelves Etc Molded Batten & Brass has Pins in
Parlours Great Room & Grand Jury Room Oak
Posts in Street Etc Etc} £89..-..-

Carpenters Day Bill for Sundrys in fitting up building£67..-..-
Another Do.£49..4s..0d

Part of a Masons measured Bill in Curb round Ash
Pit in Kitchen. Paving taken up Etc to set Cestern Sink
& over Drains a Stone & letting in Plate over Coal
Vault & fitting up about Stows in Great Room}£9..9s..-

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