Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

12th January 1784 - 10th September 1789

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Image 24 of 54223rd February 1784

February 1784

It appearing upon enquiry that the basis of the Prisoner
Labour will be Hemp that suitable Provisions ought to be made
for the picking of Oakum and the conduct of other parts of that Labo [..]

That the Prison be encompassed by a detached Wall

That the House of the Governour be near the entrance of [..]
Prison and within the detached Wall

That the Lodges of the Turnkeys be in the center of the Prison
so that the Turnkeys may be ready to give the necessary access to
the different parts of the Prison and observe the conduct of the prison

And the Committee having perused a Resolution of Court
come to at the last July Session whereby it appears the Court age
with a Committee before then appointed "To enquire whether any
of Ground can be had in the vicinity of the Session house proper for
the erection of a House of Correction and upon what terms" in their
opinion that part of the Scite of the present Bridewell with the
Garden thereto belonging the Garden behind the New Prison and
another piece of Ground and sundry Buildings erected on past
thereof at present on Lease to the people called Quakers from the
County of Middlesex will be convenient for the purpose and
sufficiently large to produce every effect required

It is the Opinion of this Committee that the Ground
approved of by the Court as sufficiently large for the purpose of
erecting a House of Correction thereon is not sufficiently large for
the erection of a House of Correction according to the Resolutions and
Instructions agreed to by this Committee for the Accommodation
of Five Hundred Persons and the other purposes mentioned in
the said Resolutions and according to the direction of the [..]
of Parliament

All which the Committee Submit Etc Etc Etc
Geo: Booth< no role > Chairman

Motion to receive the
report negatived}

A Motion was made that the said Report be received after
debate upon the question being put and holding up of hands there
appeared for the Motion 12 against it 25. Whereupon the Motion [..]
declared to be carried in the Negative

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