Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Image 531 of 55925th June 1752

By Adjornment on Thursday the 25th. Day of June 1752 .

Order of Sessions referring
workmens Bills to
George Errington< no role > and
Boulton Mainwaring< no role >
Esqrs . and for the Treare
to pay what they shall
certify to be due to each

This Court being informed that several Sums of Money are due to several
Workman for Carpenters Work or other Work done for this County at New Prison
Clerkenwell Bridewell and the Sessions house called Hicks Hall and
that the said Workmen are in Want of the said Moneys due to them
It is ordered by this Court that it be And it is hereby recommended and
referred unto George Errington< no role > and Boulton Mainwaring< no role > Esquires two of
his Majestys Justices of the Peace for the said County to inspect and peruse
the respective Bills of the said Workmen and to ascertain and settle what
Sum of Money they think proper and reasonable to be allowed to each
Workman upon his Bill for his said Work And it is further ordered
that one Sum of Money they shall by Writing under their hands certify to be
due or proper to be allowed to the said Workmen respectively or any of
them upon their said respective Bills be paid unto them respectively by
Mr. John Higgs< no role > Treasurer of this County in full of their respective Demand
And that their respective reciepts together with such certificate and this Order shall be
Sufficient discharges to the said Treasurer for such respective

By Adjornment on Thursday the twenty fifth Day of June

Order of Sessions for
rebuilding so me
Part of New Prison
and doing some
necessary Matters
at Clerkenwell
Bridewell .}

Whereas Francis Bedwell< no role > George Garrell Walter Berry< no role > George
Errington and
< no role > Boulton Mainwaring< no role > Esquires being a Quorum of the
Committed of his Majestys Justices of the Peace of this Peace of this
County in this Behalf appointed by an Order of Sessions of the
fourteenth Day of May last have by their Report in Writing under
their hands certified unto this Court That they haveing viewed New
Prison and Clerkenwell Bridewell in Order to see if any Part
thereof, and what want repairing and rebuilding are of Opininon that
the Building in New Prison called the Taphouse and Womens Ward
be rebuilt according to a Plan proposed to Mr. Mainwaring with
such alterations as he shall approve so that the whole do not exceed
the Sum of three hundred Pounds And a New wooden Shed for
the Prisoners to be in in the Day Time, as also two necessary house
for the Conveniency of each Sex In Clerkenwell Bridewell wanted
Shed for the Prisoners to be in in the Day Time and that it be larger
than the old one The two necessary houses to be emptyed and the [..]
Drains cleaned the Kennell in the Yard rectifyd so as the Water
may run with a good Current All which the said Committee
recommend to be done as soon as may be under the direction of
Boulton Mainwaring< no role > and George Errington< no role > Esquires . This Court
upon reading the said Report and Consideration had there upon Doth
Confirm the said Report And doth Order that it be and it is hereby
recommended and referred unto the said Boulton Mainwaring< no role >

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