Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Hundred of Spelthorne

{The Parish of Sunbury £2..13s..1d
Hampton Court and Hampton Town£2..7s..6d
Hampton Wick £1..3s..9d
The Parish of Teddington £1..8s..10d
The Parish of Hanworth £1..0s..6d
The Parish of East Bedfant£1..4s..10d
The Parish of Feltham £1..3s..6d

The Parish of Littleton -..18s..7d
The Parish of Ashford -..16s..-
The Parish of Laleham £1..15s..-
The Parish of Shepperton £2..8s..9d
The Parish of Stames£3..14s..6d
The Parish of Stanwell £4..5s..-

Hundred of Isleworth .

The Parish of Isleworth £7..12s..3d
The Parish of Twickenham £4..18s..9d
The Parish of Heston £5..2s..9d

Total £1200..-..-

And this Court doth Order and Require that every
High Constable in the Said County of Middx do on or before the first Day
of May next demand in Writing the Sum of Money rated and Assessed in
the aforesaid Rate upon each Town Parish or Place in his Division or
district of Chruchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Same Town
Parish or Place or any of them who are hereby Required out of
the Money Collected or to be Collected or Levied for the Relief of
the poor of such parish or place to pay Such Money so rated and Assessed
thereupon in the Said Rate unto Such High Constable within the
Space of Thirty Days after demand So made thereof in Writing to be
Given to the Said Churchwardens Chappel wardens or Overseers of the
Poor or any of them and every High Constables in the Said County

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