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to wit}

The Several Informations of Agnes Ellis< no role > [..]
Margaret Wallis< no role > taken upon Oath before me
Charles Friquet< no role > Esquire One of this Majesty's Justices
of the peace in and for the said County. this 16th.
day of December 1782

This Informant Agnes Ellis< no role > for herself saith that she keeps
a Haberdasher's Shop in Vere Street Oxford Chapel in the Parish
of Saint Mary lebone That about after 8 o Clock on Friday
night last. The Prisoner (James Smith< no role > ) came to her Shop and
asked to took at a Silk Handkerchief Informant asked him what
Sort. Prisoner answered. Madam to be plain with you. Innest
have somthing to make a little money of so no lesistance Madams
Informant said I do not know what you mean Prisoner
immediately put his Hand to his breast as if to take out some
Weapon from out of his Waistcoat and said Madam I will let
you know what I mean upon which the above said
Margaret Wallis< no role > (who was in the Shop at the sametime) immeadiately
called out for a Mr. Downes Prisoner then instantly turned about
took a Parcell of Handkerchiefs out of the Window and ran
away. Informant Persued him and called out Stop Thief
upon white he droped the Handkerchiefs. but was soon after taken
That the Handkerchiefs now produced on the property of her
Husband Richard Ellis< no role > and was Feloniously Stolen as
aforesaid and that the said Handkerchiefs an of the full Value of two pounds 9s & 6dThis Informant Mayant Wallis
for herself says thatsheon the Evening of Friday last she
was at the Shop of Mrs. Ellis aforesaid Saw the Prisoner and
in and take away the Parcell of Handkerchiefs as aforesaid
and run away

A Ellis
M Walls

Taken and Sworn before me
the day and Year aforesaid}

Chas Friquet< no role >

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