St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 136 of 45512th April 1770

Collier Row

The Minutes of the last Vestry of the 27th. Septr. relative
to the Nomination of new Feoffees In Trust for the Parish
of the House and Land at Collier Row in the County of
Essex read and Confirmed

A Letter from the Revd. Dr. Curteis Rector of this Parish
signifying his Consent to the said Nomination was also
read, and Orderd to be Entered in the Vestry Book, as follows

"Sir Canterbury 25th. October 1769

I heartily big Mr. Chesson's Pardon for not sooner
Answering his Letter of 29th. Sept. relating to the Nomination
of Trustees of the Estate at Collier Row in Essex appropria-
-ted to the Use of the Poor of St Dionis Backchurch . I now
sit down to express my full Assent and Consent to the
Nomination of the Gentlemen whose Names are included in
Mr. Chesson's Letter and shall most readily concurr with
them in any further Steps which may be thought necessary
towards Carrying the said Nomination into Execution.

I beg my best Respects to all the Gentlemen and remain
Sir Your most Obedient Humble Servt T. Curteis
To Mr. Nathl. Andrews< no role > Attorney at Law, in Lime Street ."

Mr. Church Warden Chesson then acquainted the Vestry
that a Deed of Feoffment of the aforesaid Estate had been
executed by the Surviving Feoffees to the several Persons
named in the said last Order of Vestry.

Church Wardens

Then This Vestry proceeded to the Choice of Parish
Officers for the year ensuing. And Mr. Henry Gretton< no role >
was put up to serve the Office of Upper Church Warden
for the Year ensuing and Chose.

Monk house Davison Esqr . stood next in Rotation;
but Mr. Church Warden Chesson acquainted the Gentlemen
present that Mr. Davison had declared that he was In elig-
ible; but as Mr. Davison had submitted to Fine for
Collector of the Poor's Rate and Sidesman in the Year 1767,
He (the Church warden) to prevent any dispute had Caused
the Opinion of Dr. George Harris< no role > to be taken, which was to
the Effect, that Mr. Davison was not Eligible to the Office
of Church Warden as he did not Personally Reside in this
Parish. Mr. Davison therefore was passed over without any

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