St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Refferences concerning therate
be referr'd to the Ordinary

upon refusall of obeying the sd.
Ordinarys Determination the
Ch: wardens or their Succesors.
to see for the same

The Parish to beat the Charge
of the Refference and the
Ch: wardens to be Indempnifyed

Then It was moved by the Church Warden (as his Opinion) That It
would be the best and Safest way to referr the Matters above Complained off and
all other matters of Complaint of the like Nature to the proper Ordinary to heare
and Determine the same and upon putting the same to the Vote It was agreed.
unto But upon the Complainants refusall to Obey the said Ordinary's
Determination then the Church Warden or his Successors to see for
the same And further Agreed and Order'd that the Parish should be
at the Charge of such refference and Determinacon and should
Indempnifye the Church Wardens from all Accons that should Accrue
thereby in case they shall happen to be sued by reason of their not
Observing such Determinacon and of this Order

The Settling and Ordering of
the Pews in the Gallary be
Left wholly to the 2 Ch: warden
& others that usually place
People in the Church pursuant
to a former Order of Vestry

Then it was further Order'd that the Settling and Ordering of
the Pews in the Gallary be wholly Left to the Management
and Discretion of the Church Wardens and to those Persons
that usually used to place People in the Church according to
former Order of Vestry

In Case there shod. be a
Deficiency in the Church Rate
ye same to be borrow'd on ye Pish

But in Case of Deficiency in the aforesaid Church
Rate about the performing and Finishing the repaires of the
Church It was Agreed that the same shall be borrow'd on the Parishes
Security and not by a second Assessment

The Rate for Burying in
the Great Vault was to be
left till the next Vestry.

The Church Warden moved that a Perticular of Rates &
prizes for burying in the great Vault might be Considered of by
the Parishioners and what Methods to be taken concerning
the same and likewise what Advancements might be
thought necessary to be made on breaking up the Ground in
the Middle and South Isle to prevent prejudicing of the
Pavement and Pewing and for encouraging the burying in the
Vault was left to the next Vestry

2:12s:being the Gift of
Roger Tindall distributed

March the 15th 1714 was distributed the Annuall Gift
of Mr: Roger Tindall< no role > late Armourer deced heretofore a Parishioners
of this Parish being two pounds and twelve shillings given as

To the Parish Clerke by Will: 0:2:0
To Goody Court0:3:0
To Goody Grigman< no role > 0:6:0
To Goody Whisken0:6:0
To Goody Fox0:6:-
To Goodman Hedges0:6:0
To Goody Curd0:5:0
To Goody Bettle0:2:6
To Goody Kellow0:4:-
To Goody Dawson0:4:-
To Goody Yeo0:2:6
To Goody Hodgson< no role > 0:2:6
To Goody Brock0:2:6

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