St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 22 of 6175th March 1714

The Annuall Gift of Roger
Tindall distributed

At a Meeting summoned March 5th 1713 for the distribucon
of the Annuall Gift of Roger Tindall< no role > Armourer deced heretofore a Parishioner of
parish being £2:12s:0d given by the deced to the parish Clark and poore of the
parish as followeth (Vizt:)

To the Parish Clarke by Will 00:02:00
To Goody Court00:03:00
To Goody Grigman00:06:00
To Goody Whisken00:06:00
To Goody Fox00:06:00
To Goody Tisdell< no role > 00:06:00
To Goody Bettell00:06:00
To Goodman Mason00:04:06
To Goodman Hedges00:03:00
To Goody Williams00:05:00
To Goody Dawson00:03:06
To Goody Tibbs< no role > 00:03:00

Exd March 6th p. W

At a Meeting Summoned on Maunday Thursday being
25th. day of March 1714Maunday


Mr: Barker< no role >
Mr. Holloway} Churchwardens

Mr. Eames
Mr: Dawson< no role >
Mr: Pernell{Mr. Webster< no role >
Mr. Goodlad
Mr. Ingram< no role >

Lady Harveys Gift

At this Meeting was distributed the Guift of the Lady Harveys
being Six pounds whereof Fifty Shillings was distributed according to the
direccon of her Will (Vizt) To the Doctor for reading divine Service & preaching
on this day Thirty shillings To the Church Wardens five shillings a poore
Clerk Six Shillings and eight pence To the Sexton three shillings and five
pence And the remainder being three pounds tenn Shillings was distribute
as Followeth

To Bettell£0:6s:6d
To Tisdell£0:5s:0d
To Grigman£0:2s:6d
To Jackson£0:6s:0d
To Whisken£0:2s:6d
To Fox£0:5s:0d
To Hason£0:5s:0d
To Salmon£0:10s:0d

To Court£0:2s:6d
To Purton£0:2s:6d
To Tombes£0:5s:0d
To Williams£0:5s:0d
To Holler£0:5s:0d
To Dawson£0:5s:0d
To Bell£0:2s:6d
P Directions of Will £2:10s:0d

Exr P W
March 27th . 1714

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