St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 47 of 61715th December 1715

At a Vestry held the 15 Decr: 1715


Mr: Hallam
Mr: Tirrell< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr: White
Mr: Henkey
Mr: Dawson< no role >
Mr: Hartley< no role >
Mr: Ingram< no role >
Mr: Quatermaine
Mr: Barker< no role >
Mr: Revell< no role >

Mr: Pernell
Mr: Branch
Mr: Cotton< no role >
Mr: Wilmer< no role >
Mr: Spackman
Mr: Penn
Mr: Newton
Mr: Flower

Mr: Pitway
Mr: Rusbatch
Mr: Colberne
Mr: Mariner
Mr: Eames
Mr: Hughes
Mr: Clifton< no role >
Mr: Webster< no role >

Mr: Wilson
Mr: Shoeler
Mr: Akreman< no role >
Mr: Robinson< no role >
Mr: Sheppard< no role >
Mr: Browne
Mr: Hayes
Mr: Roberts< no role >

This Vestry was Summoned by Mr: Richd: Hallam Upper Church Warden
for the Choice of Ward Officers Vizt: Scavingers Constables Inquestmen and Comm
Councellmen for the yeare ensueing

Mr: Caleb: Hughes fined
12 for ward Officers

First were in Nomination Mr: Caleb Hughes< no role > This name instance is in set 1477. Mr: Charles Brocklesby< no role > Mr Jno: Compere< no role >
and Mr. John Harris< no role > and they being sevally put to the Vote the Choice fell on Mr:
Hughes & Mr: Compere whereupon Mr: Hughes desir'd that he might be admitted
to Fine which being put to the Vote was agreed accordingly he promising to pay
the Usuall Fine of 12:

Mr: Jno. Shoeler being a
German and was now Church
Warden of his Congregation
in Case he was excused
Pmised to fine the next yeare

Then was Mr: Charles Brocklesby< no role > Mr: John Harris< no role > & Mr: Jno: Shoeler put up for
all Ward offices And Mr: Shoeler (being a German) alledging that he had been
for severall yeares last past Ch: Warden of his Congregation and that he did
continue now in the said office whereby he wasnowuncapable of Serving the
said Ward offices but desir'd to be excused for this yeare And that he would
pay his fine the next yeare which being put to the Vote was agreed that he
should be excused this yeare from the said office

Then was Mr: Brocklesby Mr: Harris Mr: Sheppard and Mr: Hopkins severally
put up for all Ward Offices whereupon they were put to the Vote and the Choice fell
on Mr. Harris

Mr: Harris
Mr: Compere chose sea: Constables
& Inquestmen

Mr. Ball chose 2d. yr. Inquestman

Then was Mr. Charles Ball< no role > put up for 2d: years Inquestman who
being put to the Vote was chosen accordingly

Mr. Jos: Tanner< no role > being sued
in Dr: Comons pd: 7 Guineas
in part of rate & Charges
and that there was a Deficiency
of 16:2s:10d: being put to the vote
It was ordered he shod: pay the sd.

It was reported by Mr: Hallam upper Church Warden that Mr: Jos: Tanner
had been prosecuted in Drs: Comons at the Sainte of this Parish for not paying the
Rate assess'd upon him towards repairing the Church but hath since come to an
Agreemt. with this Parish and hath paid 7 Guineas in part of the said rate
and Charges And that there remain'd due for him to pay 16s:2d: being Deficiency
of the Costs in the Commons as agreed upon between the 2 Proctors And that
Mr Hallam in his behalfe did put it to the Vote whether Mr Tanner shod: be
excused the said Deficiency or not Whereupon the Vestry order'd that he shod:
pay it accordingly Nemine Contradicente

The like Clause for Collr:

It was also reported by Mr: Hallam that Colltt: Reginald Fellowe< no role > had been
likewise prosecuted in the said Commons for the above reasons and that he had
pd: 7 Guineas in part of the said rate and Prosecution And that there remain'd
due for him to pay as a Deficiency for Charges 16s:2d which being likewise put to
the Vote whether the said Collt. shod: [..] be excused the said Deficiency or not It was
likewise Orderd that he pay it accordingly Nemine Contradicente

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