St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 20 of 6178th December 1713

Comon Councellmen
Mr: Hankey Mr: Eames
Mr Hayward Mr: Ingram

Mr Barker the Church Warden nominated for Comon Councellmen the persons
following to be presented to the Wardmote Vizt: Mr Henry Hankey< no role > Mr Richard Eames< no role >
Mr Joseph Hayward< no role > Mr William Ingram< no role > whoo being severally put to the vote
were chosen accordingly

Mr Barker Mr Barnett Mr
Goodlad Mr Bayley Mr Dawson Mr
Ingram Mr Hankey Mr Marriner Mr
Quartermaine Mr Eames Mr Hayward
Mr White Mr Webster & Mr Holloway

Afterwards the Church Warden prsented to the Vestry a draught of a Conseqance to bee
made by the three surviveing prsent Feoffees into new Feoffees to be chosen by the Vestry for
settling the parishes Lands at Romford according to the intent of the Will of Alderman
Abdy the Donour of those lands and desired them to chose new Feoffees to that purpose
whereupon the Vestry choose these fourteen persons following to be the new Feoffees
whome the said lands should be conveyed that is to say Mr John Barker< no role > . Mr Isaac
< no role > Mr John Goodlad< no role > Mr Richard Bayley< no role > Mr John Dawson< no role > Mr William Ingram< no role >
Mr Henry Hankey< no role > Mr James Marriner< no role > Mr Daniell Quartermaine Mr Richard Eames< no role > Mr
Joseph Hayward< no role > Mr Wichard White< no role > Mr James Webster< no role > and Mr William Holloway< no role > and
desired the Church Warden Mr Barker in the parishes behalfe to request the said &
surviveing Trustees to convey the Prmisses to the said new Feoffees and desired the
Conveyance to be gotten ready as soon as might be

Exd P Whinyard
Decr: 18th: 1713 Crd.

At a Vestry held on St: Thomas Jew< no role > Decr: the one [..]
Twentieth 1713

Mr John Barker< no role >
Mr William Holloway< no role > Senr :} Church Wardens

Mr: Willm: Ingram< no role >
Mr. James Marriner< no role >
Mr. Henry Hankey< no role >
Mr. John Dawson< no role >

Mr: Robert Pernell< no role >
Mr: Joseph Hayward< no role >
Mr: James Webster< no role >
Mr. Richard Eames< no role >

5. Pte of Ald: Abdys Gift
distribusted to widdow Glassbrooke

This Vestry was Summoned by Mr. John Barker< no role > upper Church
Warden for the distribucon of the Sume of Seven pounds tenn Shillings being the
Gift of Alderman Abdy Deced at which time the Widdow Sarah &
Glassebrooke verbally< no role > by Mr: Hankey & others pettconed Margarett Fox the Sexton
alsoe peticoned & her peticon was read praying the 5 Pte thereof And It being
putt to the Vote the Vestry considering her Circumstance according to the
direccons of the last Will of the said Alderman Abdy granted it to the Widdow
Glassebrooke and paid her accordingly Margarett Fox's peticon was to be considerd
the next ware The remainder whereof (being 50) was distributed in manner
following Viz Vide on the otherside

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