St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 21 of 61726th December 1713

Sacrament money

To Tho Portor£00:06s:08d
To the Clarke£00:03s:04d
To Griggman£00:01s:00d£00:01s:00d
To Brock£00:01s:00d£00:01s:00d
To Fox£00:04s:00d£00:04s:00d
To Whisken£00:00s:00d£00:02s:00d
To Coates£00:03s:06d£00:01s:06d
To Jackson£00:05s:00d£00:05s:00d
To Hedges£00:05s:00d£00:01s:00d
To Bettell£00:02s:06d£00:04s:00d
To Gibbs£00:05s:06d£00:05s:00d
To Salmon£00:03s:00d£00:05s:00d
To Tombos£00:03s:06d£00:03s:06d
To Williams£00:05s:00d£00:05s:00d
To Dawson£00:00s:00d£00:05s:00d
To Horton£00:05s:00d£00:05s:00d
To Boll£00:00s:00d£00:01s:00d

At a Meeting held on St: Stephens day Vizt: Decr: 26th: 1713


Mr John Barker< no role > This name instance is in set 1526.
Mr William Holloway< no role > } Churchwardens

Mr William Ingram< no role >
Mr. Henry Hankey< no role >
Mr Richard Eames< no role >
Mr. James Webster< no role >

£30: Interest of £30: distributed
as by the will of Dr. Tyson

This Meeting was Summoned for Distribution of the Interest of £30
left to the poor of this parish by the Will of the late Doctor Tyson which was
distributed as followeth

To Bettell000206
To Gregman000206
To Court000206
To Whisken000206
To Fox000206
To Hedges000206
To Salmon000206
To Williams000206
To Gibbs000706
To Tombes000206

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