St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Several Expences.
Brought over£8:1:1

July. 22 Spent at the Vestry's Meeting about the Branch in the Church when
Dr. Smith gave one Branch
30. Spent with Mr. Gyles about the Branch0:1:6
Augt. 6 Spent with Mr. Dance about the Curtain at the Altar0:3:4
Septr. 3. For the List with the Overseers0:6:6
4. Spent with Mr. Dance at a Meeting about the Painting0:4:6
Paid for the Engineers CappNo. (6). 0.12:0

17. Spent with the Overseers in Consulting how to find out the Person
that dropt Eliza: Morgan< no role > in the Parish

Paid for Advertizing in two Papers0:6:0
Octor: 1. Paid Nurse Wilson as P ReetNo: (8.) 0:5:0
1.8.15 Spent at three Several Meetings with Mr. Dance about the Church0:10:0
Novr. 1. Spent at receiving Goldings Rent01:6
4. About the Church Affairs0:3:2
5. Paid in Receiving Mr. Greens Rent0:0:6
12. Paid Nurse Wilson P BillNo. (12) 0:4:3
13. Paid one Years Quitt Rent due at Michas 1740(13) 0:4:2
Paid for the Hassooks as P Bill(14.) 3:12:0
Paid at making the Poors Rate(15.) 2:3:6
14. Gave two men with a Pass0:1:0

Spent with the Overseers & Mr. Andrew's when Consulting to make a Book
for the Repairs

For a large Glass Lanthorn & a Side Lanthorn at the East Door0:15.0

Paid for a Dinner for the Men that Sung the Anthem at the Opening
of the Church

Decr: 6. Spent with the Overseers in Consulting Proposals to lay before
the Vestry in Order to raise the Money for the Repairs of the
Church & to pay the Workmen for the SameNo. (16)

8. Spent at a Vestry Meeting when the Charges of the Repairs of
the Church were laid before them(18)

Spent with the Collector0:10:0
18. Spent at the Ward Meeting(19.) 5:15:0
21. Spent after the Paying the Gift on St. Thomas's Day0:6:6
Spent on receiving Mrs. Creswicks Rent0:2:0
31. Gave to the Beadle of the Armols. Compay. when recd.: Tindals Gift. 0:1:0

Spent with the Overseers in consulting abt. the Child that was
left at Mr. Phillips Door in Limestreet (22)
Carried over£28:10:9

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