St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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The Account of Mr. James
Fell Accomptant Church Warden of the
Parish of Saint Dionis Back Church
London for and concerning the Receipts
and Payments by Reason of the said Office
by the said James Fell< no role > from & after Easter
1742 being the time he was chosen in Until
the Feast of Easter 1743

1742 Septr: 14. Received of Mr. John Phillips< no role > Collector 67:0:0
24 Received of Mr. James Anderton< no role > the Ball: of his Account70:4:6
Octor: 9. Received of Mr. John Phillips< no role > Collector 61:0:0
Decr: 6. Received of Do22:14:5
1743 March 1. Received of Mr. John Pitt< no role > Collector68:0:8
April. 9. Received of Do62:0:7
May. 13. Received of Do17:2:4
June. 4. Received of Do0:13:0

1742. August 4. Received of Mr. Truelove 13 Weeks.0:13:0
Novr. 11. Received of Do13 Do0:13:0
Janry. 13. Received P Lucia Hopkin< no role > . Cloths Sold0:3:0
Febry 19. Received for an Old Water Tubb0:8:0
28. Received of Mr. Truelove 16 Weeks0:16:0
1743. April 26. Received of Mr. Richard West< no role > for his Part of Mr. Horn's Bill0:5:0
May. 11. Received of Mr. Truelove10 Weeks0:10:0
Taken out of the Poors Box0:0:3

Ward Fine
1742 Decr. 17. Received of Mr: Andrew Lindigreen12:0:0

1743 May. 26 Received of Benjamin Todd< no role > as P Bill15:9:8

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