St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Sacrament Money Reced.

May. 25 Whitsunday recedŁ1:0:0
June 1 Reced0:6:6
Decr. 7. Reced0:14:0
25 Christmas Day reced1:6:0
Janry. 4 Reced0:15:0
Febry. 1. Reced0:16:6
March 1. Reced0:10:0
174129. Reced. Easter Day2:0:0
April 5. Reced0:11:0

Sacrament Money Distributed

Gave to Locking 10s. Tyler. 10s1:0:0
Do. to Ayre 1s. Cutter. 1s Shaw 1s. Hutchinson 5s0:8:0
Do. to Poole 2s. Southgate 3s. Brown 2s:6d0:7:6
Do. to Johnson. 6s.6d. Jones 5s. Davison 2s. Medbury 3s:6d0:17:0
Do. to Castle. 1s:6d. Do Roberts 3s/ Dr. Smiths Relation 7s.0:11.6
Do. Jobson. 1s: Barker 1s: Smart 1s/6d Tomkens 5s.0:8:6
Do. Black 1s. Harwood 1s/6d Dark 1s. Parker 1s0:4:6
Do. Brooke 1s. Bayley 1s. Churchman 4s. James 1s. 6d0:7:6
Do. Mr. Manduitts man 2s. 6d. Mary Mary Mayor2s.6d0:5:0
Do. Perks. 3s Cullen. 2s/6d. Hughes 2s.6d0:8:0
Do. Warren 1s: Truelove 2s. Jeffery's 2s. Harrison 2s0:7:0
Do. Beale 2s: Woodhouse 2s: Watson 6d0:4:6
Paid on Saint Thomas's Day2:10:0
Received of Sundry's for Burials in Linnen7..10..-


To Davison 5s. Thomas 5s. Thorowgood 5s. Ware 51:0:0
To Walker. 2/6. Henry Tyler< no role > 6/6. Tayler 4/6. Cutter 5s/60:19:0
Hutchinson. 10s/6d. yeaxley 8/6 wooll's 6s/ Jones 10s/6d1:15:6
Thorne 6s/ Dennis 5s/6. Southgate 7s/6d Bird 2/61:1:6
Beale 5/ Gregory 3/6 Truelove 4/6 Jarrard 4/60:17:6
Roberts 5/. Prichard 3s/ Medbury 2/6. Stedman 4s/ 0:14:6
Knight 3s/ Harrison 2s/ Shaw 2d./ Oldham 2s/6d0:9:6
Mew's 2s./ Martin 2s/6d. Robt. Tyler< no role > 2s/6. Hutchins 6d.0:7:6
Churchman 5s/.0:5:0

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