St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Casual Poor

Brought over 28.4:6

March. 9. Gave Timo: Dennis to buy Cloth0:10:6
Gave a Poor Woman with a Pass0:0:6
10. Do. Henry Huggins< no role > 0:2.6
Gave Sarah Wool's0:2:0
11. Gave Southgate 0:1:0
14. Gave Martha Tayler 0:2:6
19. Gave Mr. Manduitts. Man0:2:0
21. Hutchinson & his Wife both Sick0:5:0
Southgate 0:1:0
1741. April 8. Paid Nurse Wilson P BillNo. (37.) 0:16:6
9. John Pritchard< no role > to buy Things0:3:6
17. Hutchinson & his Wife both Sick0:2:6
Tyler when Sick0:2:0
19. Gave Mary Jones< no role > 0:2:0
Do. a Poor Woman0:2:0
Do. a Poor Family in Distress0:2:6
Judith Watson< no role > 0:2:0
To a Sick Family Small Pox02:6

Several Expences.

For my Account Book and the Poors Weekly Roll0:1:6
1740. May.6. Paid the Fees at Bow Church 0.14:6
Paid the Same Day for a DinnerNo.(1.) 2:4:6
Paid with the Tenant at Ware about renewing his Lease0:2:0
20. Paid with the Overseers when Examining Judith Oldham0:2:0
Paid Nurse Wilson for nursing Mary Solomon< no role > in her lying inNo. (2.) 2:12:0

29. Paid Mr. North the Attorney for his Attendance to Examine Judith
oldham for her last Settlement

Paid at the Mitre Tavern with the Overseers on the same Account0:5..9
Paid at the Mitre after the vestry held for the Repairs of the Church0:7:8

June. 13. Spent with Mr. Dance the Surveyor in Examining the Workmens
Proposals to Beautiful the Church

16. Paid at the Mitre after the Vestry held to receive the Proposals for
the Repairs of the Church

17. Spent with Mr. Dance the Surveyor when Agreed with him to Do the
Church Work by order of Vestry

20. Spent at the Mitre Tavern at playing the Engines0:5:6
July8. Spent with the Painters when Consulting the Form of the Curtain0:4:6
Carried over 8:1:1

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