St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Sundry Expences brot. over17..9..1

Octor. 3. Gave Hutchinson for Shoes0..3..0
13. Spent on Receiving Mrs. Creswicks Rent0..2..0
17. Spent at the Mitre with Overseers on Parish Business0..11..0
21. Paid Southgates Quarters Rent by Order of the Overseers0:15..0
Prichard for Stockings0..1..0
Gave Ward for Necessary's by order of the Overseers0..10..0
24 Spent with the Collectors at the Mitre0..1..6
Paid for a Matt for the Pullpitt0..1..3
Novr. 3 Elizabeth Briggs< no role > for Shoes Etc0..6..0
Spent with the Overseers0..3..6
5. Paid for two Summon's before my Lord Mayor0..2..0
10. James Husbands< no role > for a Quarters Rent0..12..0
18. Paid John Porker of Drs. Common's0..2..0
26. Crossland for Cloaths0..5..0
Decr. 3. Paid Hutchinson for Cloaths0..10..6
7. Spent at the Mitre with Overseers on Business(13)0..13..6

8. Spent at Do. on receiving Harrison's Rent(14)0..8..0
Spent at Do. with the Overseers Previous to a Precinct

10. Spent at Do. at the Precinct Meeting(22)4..0..6
16. Sanders for a Shift0..2..6
Eliza. Brigg< no role > ' for Shoes0..3..0
Laid out for Hutchinson0..3..0
Blower for her Children's Shoes0..3..0
22. Gave the Beadle of the Armourers Company0..1..0
Spent at the Mitre after giving the Money away0..4..0
Paid Stedman for Necessary's0..7..0
30. Gave Hutchinson's Daughter for Bedding & Necessary's P Tirrell1..1..0

Janry. 1 Paid for Prayers for the Fast0..2..0
Spent at the Mitre with the Overseers0..4..6

Paid Coachhire for Carrying Rebecca Wright being Sick to
a Nurses to be taken Care of

Sundry Expences card. over30..9..10

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