St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Several Expences.

Brought over£28..10:9

Paid for two Forms of Prayer for 4th. Febry being Fast Day
appointed by the King

Janry 7. Paid for a Bottle of Wine to the Clerk Etc. at the Christening of
Susannah Limestreet< no role >

22. Paid for the Warrant when Mary Harrison< no role > Summoned one
before the Lord Mayor for an Allowance

23. Paid for two Forms of Prayer to be used every Day during this
present War

29. Spent with the Overseers to Consult how to Compell Henry Roberts< no role > to
provide for his Wife & to keep her off the Parish(24.)

Febry. 2. Spent at Playing the Engines0.3..0

4. Spent with the officers of Newington Parish in Order to fix a
Meeting to make Proposals to take our Poor

5. Spent with the Church Warden's of St. John's for Information what
the Poor People did & what they earned in the Workhouse

7. Paid Mr. Woodd as P Bill(25.) 1:15..0
Paid P Do.(26.) 0:19:10
Paid P Do.(27) 1:4:0

Spent with the Overseers to Consult on what Terms our Poor is
to be provided for when Wee meet the officers of Newington . (28)

Spent with the Overseers(20) 0:8:6

Spent with the Overseers at times in Meeting Newington Officers
about taking the Poor(32)

Spent meeting Mr. Dance 3 times to look over the Workmens Bills. 0:8..0
Spent in making a Rate for the Church0:1:0
Spent in Collecting the Church Rate at Several times0:3:6

22. Spent with the Overseers & Mr. Dance when he measured the Work
& Signed the Workmens Bills(30)

March. 3. Spent with the Overseers at a Meeting Agreed to lay before ye. Vestry
the Persons who refused to pay the Church Rate(29)

5. Spent at a Vestry Meeting about the Poor & Church(50.) 0:6:0
7. Spent with ye. Overseers when the Workmens Bill were paid(33) 0:6:6

1741.26. Spent with Do. in Examining the Books in order to choose Parish
Officers for the Year ensuing(34)

April 1. Paid Mr. Newsham for Putting on Wheels to the Engine(35) 2:4:0
2 Spent at a Vestry Meeting to Choose Parish Officers(36) 3:18:0
Carried over £45:5:6

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