Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th April 1781 - 12th July 1792

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Currently Held: Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives

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[..] Jeffries to be inquired after for Mr. Fowkes's Gift20
to be paid 10 Mr. Fowkes Gift21
[..] Said proposed as a Governor41
Elected a Governor42
Kingston Elizabeth Lodging of [..] 43
[..] King Dr. [..] one of the Stewards for next Election Feast46
Katherine Steward to be put out Apprentice96
King Thomas appeared a Governor107
took his Charge & his Benefaction of [..] 123
King [..] to be inquired after for Mr. Locks Gift125
to be paid [..] Mr. Lock's Gift127
Kingston John Appointed a Governor173
Elected a Governor186
took his Charge193
Kibet John to be put out Apprentice265
Kems Thomas The Like265

Kelly Tho Recd Duke D. D. Chosen Steward
for next Election Feast

Keynall John his Benefaction of 50 reported317
Nominated a Governor317
took his Charge321
Kingston John The Like321
Keynall John Elected a Governor322
Kate The Revd. John appointed a Governor340
Kilham Leand [..] a Steward for next Election Feast340
[..] Tho Recd Broad by D. D. The Like343

Keepers 1st. and 2d or Basket Men
on the Mure side their Duly

Keeper 3d. or Basket Man an
the [..] side his Duly

[..] Thomas to be made free477

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