Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th April 1781 - 12th July 1792

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Longston Robert [..] are of the Stewards for next Election Feast [..]

Lord Mayor Sir Wm. Gloom Shanks of the Court given him
for his [..] attendance

Laden City their [..] delivered by the Tosn Click to the Clerk
of these P [..] fields respecting for name of 12 persons appointed Gads
of each of the Royal Hospitals

Leck Deposal to be put set Apprentice146
Lill [..] Thos foolbtys Chain a Steward for next Election Feast126
Londay Williams charn one of the Stewards for next Election Feast156
Lee [..] Gabriel Junr . Nominated a Governor173
Leake Stephen [..] The Like174
Longton Roger The Like174
Lewis Percival The Like174
Leake John Mortron The Like175
Lezeis Edward The Like175
Lambert Edward his Legacy of 100 reported176
Lewis Percival [..] a Goodman184
Lewis Edward The Like185
Leake John Martin The Like185
Lease Stephen Martin The Like186
Longdon Oxfort The Like186
Leskey Mr. Gabriel Junr The Like187
took his Charge191
Leake Stephen Martin The Like194
Leake John Martin The Like194
Lewis Edward lost his Charge209
Lewis Percival The Like209
Longdon Roger The Like209
Lewis Johns proposed as a Governor218
Lord Mayor his Benefaction of 100 reported218
Lewis Jones Elected a Governor224

Leake House Committee to enquire into the made of Granting &
else reputing Insurances

Leicester To End of appointed a Governor239
Leadaff Bishop of the Benefaction of 2 Guineas reported241
Lyster Tho Revd Morrs his Benefaction of 50 reported241
proposed as a Governor241
Elected a Governor250
took his Charge254
Lewis Jones lack his Charge271
Lambert William Robert to be put out Apprentice274

Little Jane to be admitted a Patinal into Bethlem Hospital
without a Certificate or 3 Sundys being Bar not in the
Penalty of 200

Lane John his Benefaction of 100 reported289
Layard Tho Revd Dr his Benefaction of 2 Guineas reported299
Ludback John [..] Steward for next Election Feast300
Lincolnshire Estate Receiver's Vacancy declared309
Henry Brome Elected312
Long Samuel his Benefaction of 50 reported323
Nominated a Governor324
Elected a Governor326
took his Charge329
Lloyd Bell Poor a Steward for next Election Feast336
Loventer London Edward Nominated a Governor349
Lorsden London Edward Elected a Governor361
Lincoln The Bad Bishop of his Benefaction of 2 Guineas reported 363

Leeds Hos Grove The Duke of Chesor Steward for next
Elected Feast

Le Mariner Buck Aldn Cham Steward for next Election Feast 388
Loveden Loveden Edward his Benefaction of 50 reported392
Lincolnshire Receiver discontinued445
Laundry Women their Duly476

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